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GraphLock is a cross-platform mobile and web-based application that will turn your smartphone, tablet and laptop into a fully functioning scientific and graphing calculator. The calculator is simple to use, yet powerful and has a one of a kind Lockdown Mode making it ideal for use in the classroom and on exams!

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These features will turn your device into the powerful tool you need to
succeed in your math class, all while never having to carry a calculator again!

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GraphLock is an application that will turn a user's phone into a fully functioning scientific and graphing calculator. The calculator is simple to use, yet powerful. What sets it apart from other calculator apps is its unique Lockdown feature that disables all phone functions (calls, texts, notification, internet, etc.) and turns the user's device into a calculator until the time runs out or the authority figure (Teacher, Parent, Proctor) unlocks the user. Therefore, per school policy, GraphLock is designed to be used in the classroom and testing environments. GraphLock can also be used in non-lockdown mode where the users phone will function normally. GraphLock also ensures the user will not have to carry around a calculator separately from his/her phone anymore. Use it anytime, anywhere! With GraphLock, users will never have to carry around a calculator again!

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The Team


Mallory Dyer

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

After graduating with a degree in Mathematics from Arizona State University and a brief stint as an actuary, Mallory realized her true passion was in math education. She became a Professor of Mathematics at Central Arizona College and won the National NISOD Award for Teaching Excellence in 2015. After many years of seeing her students struggle in the classroom, Mallory designed and created GraphLock. She is determined to help students and teachers and her goal is to make a positive impact on math education.


Joshua Dyer

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Josh is an alumnus of Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He has over seven years of experience in business operations along with over three years of experience in software consulting. He has moved on from the corporate world and determined to help change the way technology is used in the classroom.


Vijayant "VJ" Kanwar

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Vijayant Kanwar is a driven CPO/CTO who wants to transform technology, make an impact, and change the world. He is an alumnus of Mississippi State University where he graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science with a minor in Software Engineering. VJ believes in the mission of making education accessible to the world. He sees GraphLock as an opportunity to transform the EdTech industry by bringing this innovative solution to the hands of millions of students worldwide. As a visionary and a creative genius, he is tremendously passionate about Product & Program Management, User Experience, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship.

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