Math for the Masses, STEM to All Students


Growing up on a cattle ranch in Arizona, Mallory quickly learned the meaning of hard work and how to problem solve. After graduating high school, she followed her dream of playing college basketball to attend Central Arizona College. That is when she first noticed how big of a problem math was for many students, so she began tutoring in the dorms. This is where her passion for math education began, and after receiving her degrees, she went back to CAC to teach. Her goal was to try to make math more accessible to all students, so that it was not such a road block in achieving their degrees. However, she soon noticed that no matter what she did in her teaching, there was inequality in her classroom due to the expensive calculators that the students were required to have. Many of her students could not afford these calculators, and she watched them struggle and get left behind, which often lead to failing or dropping the class. She thought it was ridiculous, in this day and age, that students were still forced to purchase these expensive and outdated calculators, especially when the majority of them now own a smartphone. One day, Josh finally said “well then solve it already” so they set out to find a solution, and GraphLock was created. Very soon after, Mallory reached out to VJ (her past Calculus student) to join the team and the rest is history!


Math for the masses, STEM to all students. That’s the idea behind what brought Team GraphLock together. Now, they are on a mission to bring equity to STEM education and make it more accessible and affordable to all students!


Team GraphLock envisions a classroom where all students have access to the same STEM tool and the opportunity to reach their full potential! Their vision is to level the playing field and help bridge the gap in STEM education. Imagine a classroom where students are using the powerful technology they have access to, in ways that enhance their learning and education, all while upholding classroom integrity and reducing distractions!