Parents – Wish you could keep your children off their phones
and reduce distractions?

GraphLock is the app that allows you to Lockdown your children’s devices,taking homework time to a whole new level!

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Lockdown Mode

Our Lockdown mode keeps your children from using other features on their device – meaning no calls, no texts, no other apps! During Lockdown, your children can only access the calculator and an emergency call button. Then, if they do try to get out, you will be automatically alerted on your monitoring platform.

There is no distance restriction to the Lockdown and you can create different Lockdown Sessions at different times and for different lengths of time for each of your children!

Monitoring Platform

During Lockdown, if your child makes an emergency call or tries to force his/her way out of Lockdown you will be notified automatically on your end in your monitoring platform. You can use your computer, phone, or tablet to create and monitor a Lockdown Session.

You can also unlock a child (or all your children) at any time and stop a Lockdown Session at any time. Otherwise, the Lockdown Session will end automatically once the timer is up and your child’s device will go back to normal.

Calculator Features

Our calculator is simple to use and powerful. Your children can use GraphLock in Lockdown and Non-Lockdown Mode, meaning their phones function as normal. This way, they will have access to the advanced calculator they need and can use it anytime, anywhere.

The calculator features include but are not limited to: basic operations, trigonometry functions, absolute value, exponents, log, probability, statistics, matrices, and a TVM calculator.


You can use GraphLock from your computer, phone, or tablet and it is free for you for up to two children! For only $1.99/year you can upgrade to the premium version and add as many children as you would like to Lockdown their devices. The parent version has access to the calculator as well as creating and monitoring lockdown sessions.

For your children, to gain access to the Lockdown features to be able to use GraphLock at school and at home, it is only $4.99/year. This is how much it costs to replace the batteries in other calculators!