Students – Never spend $100 on a calculator again!

Download GraphLock right onto your phone, so you always havethe calculator you need – anytime, anywhere!

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Calculator Features

Our calculator is simple to use and powerful. You can use GraphLock in Lockdown and Non-Lockdown Mode, meaning you phone functions as normal. This way you have access to the advanced calculator you need and can use it anytime, anywhere.

The calculator features include but are not limited to: basic operations, trigonometry functions, absolute value, exponents, log, probability, statistics, matrices, and a TVM calculator.

Lockdown Mode

GraphLock is initially free to download as a calculator app. Then to gain access to Lockdown, it only costs $4.99 per year (the cost of replacing the batteries in a calculator) to upgrade.

Lockdown Mode blocks all incoming texts, calls, and notifications and if you do try to force your way out of Lockdown it will automatically alert your teacher. You will only have access to the emergency call button and the calculator. Your privacy concerns are of utmost importance to us, so don’t worry, your teacher cannot control or see anything on your device. Lockdown Mode upholds testing integrity so that you can use your phone as the STEM tool you need at all time, both in and outside the classroom.

Just Lock Me Mode

If you ever want to block out distractions and really focus, you can put yourself into Just Lock Me Mode. This works the same way as Lockdown Mode, except you set the timer and can either wait for the timer to run out or unlock yourself when you are done.

Just Lock Me Mode is also a quick way to put yourself into Lockdown if ever needed. During this mode, you only have access to the calculator and an emergency call button.

Chat Features

Now, you can send messages to your teacher or entire class, all while keeping everyone’s phone numbers private. You can also send data sets, equations, pictures, and PDFs.

This means, if you are stuck on a problem or can’t remember when something is due, you can now easily reach out to your teacher or classmates!