Schools – Want an affordable option to reduce digital distractions
and level the playing field?

GraphLock is the affordable tool that helps to reduce distractions, uphold testing integrity, andmake STEM education more accessible for all students!

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Lockdown Mode & Classroom Monitoring Platform

Teachers and proctors can use GraphLock from their computer, phone or tablet and it is always free for them! The teacher and proctor version has access to the calculator as well as creating and monitoring lockdown session.

Our Lockdown mode keeps students from using other features on their device – meaning no calls, no texts, no other apps! During Lockdown, a student can only access the calculator and an emergency call button. Then, if they do try to get out, the teacher will be automatically alerted in the classroom monitoring platform.

Calculator Features

Our calculator is simple to use and powerful. Students can use GraphLock in Lockdown and Non-Lockdown Mode, meaning their device functions as normal. Our mission is to provide students with an advanced calculator they can use anytime, anywhere.

The calculator features include but are not limited to: basic operations, trigonometry functions, absolute value, exponents, log, probability, statistics, matrices, and a TVM calculator.

Customize the Calculator

When creating a lockdown session, the teacher can customize the calculator for his/her class with the exact functionality the students need. Nothing more, nothing less. Teachers simply uncheck the calculator features they do not want their students to have access to during that time.

This also levels the playing field in the classroom because you know every student has access to the same exact tool.

Testing Centers

Our proctor version, which is free, is perfect for testing centers. They also have access to the calculator and the lockdown monitoring platform.

Students check in and join the proctor’s lockdown session, which works as a queue of students who are currently testing and in Lockdown mode. It keeps track of how long individual students have been testing and allows the proctor to remove individual students from Lockdown.