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Scottsdale, AZ
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  • Proctorio is a fully automated, online proctoring service that provides a scalable, cost-effective solution to validating test-taker identities and activity during online exams. Proctorio ensures the integrity of distance learning and online certifications while protecting institutional accreditation and increasing the value of online degrees and credentials.

    Proctorio’s customizable, secure exam settings and live ID verification allow institutions to set-up unscheduled, on-demand proctoring specific to their assessment needs. Our software fully integrates with GraphLock and your institution’s learning management system in order to be instantly added to any exam with a just a single click. Proctorio combines with Graphlock to ensure fair test environments by preventing the use of mobile devices during online exams.

    Visit to learn more about our Mobile Lock technology powered by GraphLock and join the growing list of institutions worldwide that are using Proctorio’s flexible exam settings to secure exam content, deter cheating, and promote a culture of academic integrity while improving learning outcomes.